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Bundle Pulling Services

Jemsar own one of the most comprehensive and modern fleet of aerial, diesel-driven, hydraulic bundle pullers in the UK. These machines have been selected based on over 30 years of experience, backed up by world-class operators.


Fleet Size & Capacity

15te extractor

Minimum Length: 5120mm
Maximum Width: 1630mm
Net Weight: 4000kg
Safe Working Load: 15te

Bundle Capabilities
Max Bundle Length: 6100mm*
Max Tube Sheet OD: 1500mm
Max Bundle Weight: 15000kg

25te extractor

Minimum Length: 7100mm
Maximum Width: 1950mm
Net Weight: 5500kg
Safe Working Load: 25te

Bundle Capabilities
Max Bundle Length: 6100mm*
Max Tube Sheet OD: 1600mm
Max Bundle Weight: 25000kg

30te extractor

Minimum Length: 8000mm
Maximum Width: 2425mm
Net Weight: 8000kg
Safe Working Load: 30te

Bundle Capabilities
Max Bundle Length: 8000mm*
Max Tube Sheet OD: 2000mm
Max Bundle Weight: 30000kg

*Under standard configuration. Longer bundle lengths can be accommodated with reconfiguration.


Traditional / Hand Pull Methods Available

Where space or headroom prevents the use of mechanical means, Jemsar are well-versed in bundle extraction / re-fit. This can include the use of air-blocks / hand chain-blocks, air-tirfors / hand-tirfors, and the use of winch cranes where possible.

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